Best Sites To Read Manga For Free Online

If you are looking for some best websites which will let you read your favorite manga for free online then you are in the right place because Today here I am going to share some of the personally used Manga websites to read manga online. All these websites have their own unique feature it will depend entirely upon you that which website you like. It will depend upon your needs and taste.

Maybe you have recently watched your very first anime and then you researched more about anime and animation then you got to know about it’s source material which is Manga. That’s what happened with me, When I got to know about the concept of Manga I was astonished by the fact that how hard these Japanese Managa works in order to get their series published in the weekly jump.

The country of Japan is famous for releasing the most Manga it is because the Japanese people have the skill to make good drawings and the main aspect of the Manga are drawings. In Japan the Manga market is worth billions of dollars there are lots of publishers such as Shueisha and Shonen jumps where the Manga series are released. The availability of Manga series are because of these publishers. Not only they release it online for readers but they also release Manga as a Physical Copy in the offline Japanese stores, Further more Physical copy of a Manga can also be purchased from online websites such as Amazon.

Best Sites To Read Manga For Free Online

The creation of a Manga has it’s steps first the author visualizes the concept of his story and characters and world building, Then he starts script writing once that’s done he shares it with the publisher in Japan if they accept the story then the Mangaka starts drawing the series if it makes good success in the market sales wise then the publisher allows the authors to continue working on the series in fact they encourage authors to draw Manga for them.

After the creation of the manga comes the animation part, If manga is performing well in the market and the social media then a studio is assigned with the duty of adaptation of the series, Some of the most iconic and popular anime studios are Toei animation and Studio Pierrot. Toei is responsible for the most famous anime series called Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z this series is the adaptation of Dragon Ball. On the other hand Pierrot is behind the animation of Naruto & Bleach.

The Thing with Manga is that in the official platforms like Manga Plus one cannot read all the chapters of the series for free they have to pay for its subscription in order to read a series fully. That’s when piracy websites comes play their role for us. The Websites I am going to provide here have the best features and UI which are not even available in the official resources.

Best Manhwa, Manhua & Manga Reading Websites

I am assuming that you all know what manga is. Manga is a drawing based comics which usually comes in black and white page without coloring. The country of Japan is famous for releasing Manga  because they are professional at drawing. Those who draws manga are known as Mangaka. The difference between these 2 things and Manga is that they are well colored and drawn by the usage of computers, and they are released in South Korea and China.

#1 Zinmanga

Zinmanga APK App is one of the best platform to read your favorite Manhwa and manhua series. This app comes with lots of interesting features and it has active users with whom you can interact in the comment box of any chapter. In this website you can read thousands of comic books for free. They have ads on their platform but you do not have to pay any subscription fee to read your favorite series

#2 MangaFire is another popular website which is made by the same owner of 9Anime (A Popular anime streaming site). In this website you can not only find Manga but you can also find thousands of high quality Manhwa & Manhua. Furthermore this website has an amazing user interface and design.

#3 Mangareader is another website where you can read your favorite series for free, But sometimes this websites gets slow while loading the pages of Manga. In this site you can also create your account to start your manga from where you left of last time. This site is famous because it is promoted by (Previously it was known as zoro)

#4 MANGA Plus

Manga Plus is a official platform of a popular publisher Shueisha but this is not a free platform. But you can still enjoy reading the latest 4 chapters of any series, For example every month the latest chapter of Boruto And Dragon Ball Super is released here.

#5 Viz

The latest chapters of any series can be read here for free but you will have to pay for reading old chapters. Manga readers who have caught up with DBS & boruto usually uses VIZ and Manga plus to read the latest chapter every month.


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So guys those were some of the best Free and paid manga reading websites if you liked this article then do not forget to share it as much as possible, And if you think that there is a better website which should be on this list then let us know in the comment box below.

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