5 Best Manga Of All Time

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Manga is one of the most popular source of entertainment back then anime and manga were not very main stream but today everyone is into watching anime and enjoying otaku culture. When it comes to the anime genre there is a series for everyone from a young kid to an old person there is every type of anime for every age group. Today we are going to talk about 5 Best series of all time to read.

This list is based on my own opinion you may not like to read this or you may like it but would not rank it in the same number I do, That’s okay because everyone have their own choices and taste when it comes to liking a series.

Best Series To Read

Manga is a drawing based comics which usually comes in black and white page without coloring. The country of Japan is famous for releasing Manga  because they are professional at drawing. Those who draws manga are known as Mangaka. The difference between these 2 things and Manga is that they are well colored and drawn by the usage of computers, and they are released in South Korea and China. In this list I have one Manhwa to share and rest of the series are Manga.

#1) Naruto


Naruto is one of the most popular and iconic anime series, It is usually the first anime which people watch when they want to get into anime. The manga of Naruto anime is the original source material for the story which is written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto in Japan. Even if you have already watched the anime you should consider reading the manga because there are lots of details which anime missed, On top of that the art style of Naruto Manga is very unique.

The best part of being a Manga reader is that a Manga does not have a filler Chapter, If you have watched Naruto Anime then you probably know that it has lots of Filler Episodes which has nothing to do with the original story. When it comes to the Naruto Manga everything is cannon and another good point of reading Naruto Manga would that you will save your time to know the story Because reading Manga is consumes less time compared to an Anime.

#2) Bleach

Bleach is a series which is drawn by Kubo, And it is also very famous it is also considered to be a part of Big Three, There are lots of fans of this series world wide and the manga bleach was adapted into anime by the same studio as Naruto. The main character of this Manga is Ichigo who has the ability to see ghosts and things of another world, He later discovers that he has lots of hidden power. You should discover them yourself by reading this Manga. And it is a famous believe of the fans of this series that Bleach has best art among Big Three (Naruto, OP, Bleach).

#3) One Piece

One piece is famous for having over a thousand chapters, This series is running since more than 20 years, The Creator of this series is Echiro Oda who works very hard to draw his manga every week. In one interview he revealed that he only sleeps 4-5 hours a day, One Piece Is a story about pirates the main character of One piece is Monkey D Luffy who wants to become the Pirate King. His power comes from a devil fruit which he had accidently ate as a kid. Eating this fruit made his body a rubber. Along with Luffy you will see alot of more characters with their past and story being well explained in the manga.

#4) Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is the most Iconic series ever, Even the author of other series admits that they have taken inspiration for their Manga from dragon ball. One Piece And Naruto were also heavily inspired by Naruto. This Manga has amazing art style. You will also be able to discover the story of OG Dragon ball most of the people have only watched Dragon Ball Z but not the OG Dragon Ball. If you want to see what happened before DBZ then you should read the Manga version of this series. There is no Z or kai in manga those title only belongs to Anime. You will find entire story on the Dragon Ball Manga.

#5) Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is what got most of the people in Manhwa world, This series got very popular in the west even tough it is from South Korea. Because of its unique character design and the main character being soo good looking it attracted alot of audience. It gained lots of attention in TikTok and YouTube which made this series very popular. The story of Solo Leveling has been completed and you can read its Manhwa.


So guys those were some of the best Manga series of all time which you can read today. If you think there should be another series on this list then let us know in the comment box below and I will update this list as soon as possible. If you have never watched an anime before then I recommend that you watch a anime before jumping into reading manga because that way you will get familiar with the culture of Anime & Manga.

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