Discover All The Changes Made To Our App In Each Update.!

Version 1.0:

– Initial release of the Zin Manga app.
– Basic user interface design implemented.

Version 1.1:

– Added support for offline reading, allowing users to download chapters for offline viewing.
– Improved search functionality for better results.
– UI tweaks for smoother navigation.

Version 1.2:

– Implemented a night mode feature for reading in low light environments.
– Fixed minor bugs reported by users.

Version 2.0:

– Complete UI overhaul for a more modern and intuitive user experience.
– Introduced a “Discover” tab for curated recommendations based on user preferences.
– Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.1:

– Added a “Randomize” button for discovering new titles at random.
– Fixed compatibility issues with certain devices and operating systems.

Version 2.2:

– Introduced a “Bookmark Sync” feature for syncing bookmarks across multiple devices.
– Performance optimizations and bug fixes for improved stability.